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    • 대학·연구소 IP
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    Area-Efficient Bidirectional Shift-Register Using Bidirectional Pulsed-Latches

    The proposed bidirectional shift-register reduces the area and power consumption by replacing master-slave flip-flops and 2-to-1 multiplexers with the proposed bidirectional pulsed-latches and non-overlap delayed pulsed clock signals, and by using sub shift-registers and extra temporary storage latches.

    KU127H1026 | 2020-01-14

    • 기업 IP
    • M

    Crystal OSC 32.768KHz

    The device is the main oscillator for RTC block. The crystal oscillator operates frequency is 32.768KHz. It supports bypass mode and controls output driving capability control. It consumes very low current.

    KC022H0964 | 2018-12-06

    • 기업 IP
    • M

    Crystal OSC 3MHz to 20MHz

    The device is the main oscillator for PLL input. These crystal oscillator is designed to operate 3, 8, 12, 16 and 20MHz. It supports bypass mode and controls output driving capability control “S” This device is fully specified for partial-power-down applications using Ioff (Y output only). The Ioff circuitry..

    KC022H0963 | 2018-12-06

    • 기업 IP
    • M

    PLL 60to300MHz

    The PLL have been developed as phase locked loops in a variety of applications. This PLL generates 60~300MHz clock referenced at 8~20MHz. The output clock frequency is selected by the resister M, N “FOUT = FIN/M*N”

    KC022H0959 | 2018-11-26

    • 기업 IP
    • N
    • M
    • T

    RC Clock Oscillators

    Our IP is consisted of 2 type of oscillator. One is clock generation for MCU or Digital circuit(Main Oscillator) the other is for checking timing(Real Time Clock Oscillator). Main oscillator can generate 10~100MHz frequency and Real Time Clock Oscillator 32kHz.

    KC589H0947 | 2018-05-24