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    • 대학·연구소 IP
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    A Nanowatt Full CMOS Sub Bandgap Voltage Reference

    a sub-1V nanopower full CMOS bandgap reference (BGR)operated in subthreshold region. Complimentary to absolute temperature (CTAT) voltage generator was realized by using two n-MOSFET pair with body bias circuit to make a sufficient amount of CTAT voltage. Proportional to absolute temperature (PTAT) voltage was generate..

    KU332H0825 | 2016-09-01

    • 대학·연구소 IP
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    Low drop out (LDO) regulator in FlexRay Communication

    The Designed IP is the Low drop out (LDO) in FlexRay communication. The designed IP consists of Beta-multiplier reference, current mirror, resistors for regulation of voltages. Output current is controlled by the PMOS transistor, which in turn is controlled by the error amplifier. This amplifier compares the reference ..

    KU423H0796 | 2016-04-29