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total: 844/844 IP Cores
    • 기업 IP
    • P

    ZELKOVA (Multi-instance)

    ZELKOVA is optimized for low light environment applications. It consumes low power and has a small gate size. ZELKOVA offers a complete and configurable ISP pipeline. One of the key advantages of ZELKOVA is generating best possible picture quality by implementing optimum low light Noise/Sharp filter on the input image..

    KC541S1058 | 2020-12-16

    • 기업 IP
    • P


    딥러닝 기반의 슈퍼레졸루션 하드웨어 IP

    KC641H1057 | 2020-12-15

    • 기업 IP
    • N

    Convolutional neural network image recognition IP supporting multiple deep learning algorithms

    o Semiconductor IP running imagenet-class artificial intelligence deep learning algorithm o Supports multiple classification and object detection deep learning models simultaneously o High-speed calculation and low power consumption with a small resource footprint circuit

    KC547S1056 | 2020-12-15

    • 기업 IP
    • M

    Low power 8Gbps SerDes

    SerDes with 8.0Gbps data rate consists of 32-to-1 serializer, 1-to-32 de-serializer, and PLL with LC-VCO. This IP adopts an asynchronous system with embedded clock in serial data, and its IO interface uses a CML type. For BER test verification, loop back path and feed-forward path were inserted in IP and its function w..

    KC587H1055 | 2020-12-15

    • 기업 IP
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    Foundry Process Node : TSMC CMOS 28nm HPC+ Function : 100mA LDO

    KC639H1054 | 2020-12-14