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IP Open Network KIPEX - Newsletter Dec 23, 2011 Vol.19 | 2011-12-23
Vol.19 2011.12.23
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Latest IP
620Mb/s-to-5.4Gb/s Referenceless Receiver
A 620Mb/s-to-5.4Gb/s referenceless receiver is using
the proposed phase and frequency detection scheme...

20~500 MHz Frequency Synthesizer PLL
This PLL is frequency synthesizer for generating
20~500MHz clock. It contains 5bit pre-divider, 8bit...

A 283.2uW 800Mbp/s/pin DLL-Based Data ...
A 283.2uW 800Mbp/s/pin DLL-Based Data Self-Aligner
for Through Silicon Via (TSV) Interface is designed...

A 12Gb/s/pin PVT insensitive Clock ...
A 12 Gb/s/pin clock distribution network (CDN) for high-
speed, large-capacity memory is developed to increase

2:1 Serializer for 7.5Gb/s transmitter
A 7.5Gb/s 2:1 serializer for 7.5Gb/s transmitter is
designed in a 0.13um CMOS process. The proposed...
Hot IP
0.18um Embedded EEPROM (EH3), 32Kbyte
Embedded EEPROM EH3 Macro IP block, 0.18um
(MEEL18 Process)

Differential Sine-Wave Generator
This IP is a Sine-Waveform Generator with maximum
2.8V output voltage swing range that operates from...

SAR ADC 12Bit 1MSPS 3.3V
AD121-35m is a 12-bit Successive-Approximation ADC
which is implemented with Magnachip 0.35um 1P3M...

USB 2.0 Device Controller
This controller implements a USB interface in compliant
with the USB2.0 specification. It interfaces to...
위성휴대폰용 반도체 개발 현황과 발전 방향
GMPCS(Global Mobile Personal Communication by Satellite) 즉, 개인 휴대형 이동위성통신 기술은 1개 이상의 정지궤도 또는 중/저궤도 인공위성을 사용하여 이동하는 사용자에게...