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IP Open Network KIPEX - Newsletter Aug 17, 2011 Vol.14 | 2011-08-17
Vol.14 2011.8.17
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Latest IP
NTSC PAL Video Encoder
This is digital video Encoder that is designed for mobile
devices. It provides 2x oversampling with 27MHz...

Transceiver for DisplayPort v1.1a
The single-loop referenceless CDR with WPFD has
advantages in terms of power and area over conventional...

3.5GHz 0.5%-3.5% Spread-Spectrum...
SSCG is usually used to reduce the electromagnetic
interference (EMI) in high-speed digital systems. This...

Hot IP
Mutual Capacitive Touch Sensor
Class AB audio power amplifier
16bits Sigma-Delta Stereo Audio Codec
NTSC PAL Video Decoder
New Challenges for System ICs
지난 반세기 동안 반도체 집적회로는 성능, 효율, 비용 그 모든 면에서 눈부신 성장을 거듭하면서 IT산업의 변혁에 있어 그 엔진 역할을 하였다...
2010년 Wireless Connectivity 반도체 현황
Wireless LAN(Local Area Network), Bluetooth 및 GPS(Global Positioning System) 반도체로 구성되는 Wireless Connectivity 반도체 시장은 2008년 약 USD...